Get dozed

  1. Anthony Nicholson - Jazz Samba Electronic (Tribes Drum Ritual)
  2. Nebraska - Green Marimba
  3. MAW* Featuring Wunmi - Ekabo (Afro House Groove)
  4. Deepah - Novafunk
  5. Nina Simone - Funkier then a mosquito's tweeter (Shimmy Sham Sham Edit)
  6. Larry Heard - And So I Dance (Anthony Nicholson's And So I Rhumba Mix)
  7. Militants of Funk - Drifting
  8. Dorisburg - Studs
  9. MIO MIO - Painted On The Corner
  10. Innov Gnawa - Toura Toura (Mr Assister's Assisted Version)

Francis Fiya! A tribute to Francis Bebey

Poetry In Motion

Matsuli Music presents : Mzansi Afro Jazz Soundz


Moyo Mvuto

Wicked My Yout

Anatolian Rock Revival

Travel At Your Own Pace

Brazilian Beat Tape pt.2


It began in Africa

Hermanos unidos conectando las influencias

Lion inna jungle

Dub En Do Menor

Turkish delights


Koola Lobitos

Riddim sessions

One for Sean Prince

Boogie Frenchy Sympathie

Happiness in every style

Kalakuta Republic

Baeshi Bang’s Favorites: Old School Korean Trip

Pepesol Selecta


Dreaming In Dystopia

Incendiary Afrobeat Outfits

In Dub W/ Fip Radio

Da (Neuro) Funk

10 Tracks That Still Sound Like They Are From The Future


Akalé Wubé Deluxe Selecta

Aperoboat Replay

Ethnic Breakout

Cool ‘n’ Bluesy

Colonel’s Favourite

Mamba for Cats


Sweet 170’s

Electromagnetic Destroyer

Mawimbi selecta

Cambodia – lost & found

Wake-up Trinidad

Lost inna Babylon

Mendel selecta

Just as Jazzy as Beats


More Games

Detroit Not Detroit pt.3

Calypso Mama



Fresh Starts, New City Sounds

Dizzy-listening Vol.1

Phat Jam

Burning Memories

Paul’s Tape

What Do You See

Tudo Bom

Tropical Discoteq

Let Your Mind Take The Place Of Your Body

Slow Motion Apocalypse

Daddy Vad Selecta

Copernic Files

Royal Dilemma

Juke VS Jungle

Rhythmic Theory

C’©tait Un Beau Dimanche

Atlantic Acoustics

Accra by night

Droppin’ Science

Gwanmassive Selects

Wa Do Dub

String Quartet

Thrilling Feelings


Fiesta De Negritos

Welcome to ZamRock

South Pacific

Say What?

The Rah Rah Gorilla

Smokers Delight


They Deserve More Recognition

Electronic Eclectic pt.2

Cigars Of The Pharoah

Brazilian Beat Tape

An Eastern Love Story

Many Moods Of

Small Steps Big Journeys

Soul Party Rockers

Black Trombone

We Continue

Cold Mission

Fly To Brazil

Go Back To The Road

Dubbin’ The Desert

Moody Synth


Jaunty Vibes


Detroit Not Detroit Pt. 2

Tambour & Basse

Nigeria 70

Let Calypso Bring The News

Dub Scientists

Ruff Draft Pt. 2

Chocopop Jazz

Darker Days

Burning Up

Sabine’s Reverberation Equation

Brooklyn Afrobeat Club

Agadez Spirit

Que Vuelen Los Pajaros

Four To The Floor

Ruff Draft Pt. 1

The Motor Town

Deep Sea Dweller

Space & Smoke

Club Side Story

Nova Musica P

Cumbia Descarga

Worldwide MCs #1: UK

The Latin Goodnws

Sweet Dub Affair

Sua Voices

Banging Trax

System Makes You Wander

Zero Gravity

Hot Casa Selecta

Angola 70

Ojo Alegre

45 Bangers


Wax Da Jam

Slide Your Brains Out

Come In – Headphone Chill

Raw Series

El Olor De La Bigote

Assalam Aleikoum Africa 1969-1980

La Sonora Dinamita

Once Upon A DownTempo Time

Session Pon Top

What’s Wrong With Groovin’

Exploration X Lamixtape

The Club Is Poppin

Hard Knocks

Rio Breaks Vol.2

Urban World Tour

Who Is Fela ? – A Tribute To Fela Kuti

Hip Hop Flows

Hot & Sunny Vibes

It’s Clap Music


Drop Juke Out

Addis Dubberz

Camels Need Water

Kickin’ Samba

Sister Around The World

Coast To Coast Motel

Swing Swang Swung

7 Am Sounds

90’S Prison Break Flick

All Over Me

Black Cat Brass Ensemble

Striait Of Irie

Bus Stop Pon Di Road

Dap Dippin’ With…

Food For Brains

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels

Going In Hard


Hustle & Bustle

Back In Ghana

Cumbia En Do Menor

Quiet Dub

Smooth’N MC’s

Break The Nova Jazz

No To Anticipating Nostalgia

Timeless Mixtape

Cosmic Rain


The Bloombooster

Club Ready Sonics

Funky Trip To Benin

Buy Her Flowers

Afrobeat Airlines

Nippon Dub Station

Assorted Vibe Selection

Detroit Not Detroit pt.1

Silent Beats Session

An Afrocuban-Latin-Jazz Selection

La Radiodiffusion Internasionaal #02

Back In Brazil

Good Friends Have Cheese

Un ©t© _ Paris

The Downer

In The Mixtape Berlin

Summer In A Basement

Wildlife Analysis

La Radiodiffusion Internasionaal #01

Guns Cars & Sitars

Sigue La Rima

Vitruve Would Danced On It

Don’t LookSnare At The Claps

Hard Working Day

Old School But Very Good School

Goodnws Traveller

303% Acid

La Revancha Del Tango

The Funky Blaxploitation

Samurai Shamploo

Delicious Summer Tape


Shake It Or Leave

Berlin Crackle

Stress Test

Dub Dope

Belleville Rendez-Vous

De Cuba A Brazil

Mungo’s Soundsystem Request

A Wandering Beat

Room Of The Hung Sounds

Notes In Quotation

Machines May Laugh

Intense In-Your-Face Music

Translate Saudaje

Azmari Krar & Masenqo: Addis Abeba Odyssey

10-Min Beat Tape

Night Work

Dr. Lee PhD

Stop What You’re Doing

Concrete Roots

Bad Vibes

A Little Bit Of Something

Tripaty Cosy Hop

Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Reaching Abstract & Still Smiling

A Funk For Fela

It’s Cold Out There

From Cannibal To Robot Jazz

Ju Tracks

Sombre France

Mood Indigo

Alpha Boyz School/ Upward & Onward

Soulful Soul

Droppin’ A Bass All Over The Place

Soulfood Session

Machines May Cry

Next Level Stuff

Old Renate

Hulk Hogan’s Mixtape


Talkin Timbuktu

Music For Your Lady

Spicy Chilling Sauce

Stakes Is High

Electronic Eclectic pt.1

Travel Vibes

Rio Breaks Vol.1


I’m Into Scales Right Know

The Sun Shines For Everyone

Renegades Of Jazz

Fonky Fresh Session

Show Your Skills

Machines May Talk


On The Road To Ummm

Swing This Way

Headhonest Music

Some French Words

Just Chill

The Express Beat

Sweet Dub Variation

Depth Affect

Breat Hop

Cumbia Sobre el Mar

Vinyl Voodoo


Cognac Hip-Hop & Mondialisation

Bossa Bossa

Make Dub Not War


Carte Blanche #1

Face Music

Premiers Symptômes

Da Bosco’s Blues